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Inflatable Floating Sea Water Park

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A dual experience of excitement and cooling, a comprehensive contest of intelligence and physical strength! The fast and passionate water conquest battle, the cool is coming~ On the water racing track, let go of work and business, release the fatigue in your heart, and share a good time with your family. Water barrier game is a kind of outdoor water rushing to win prizes, entertainment and health activities. It is usually used to allow contestants to challenge and sprint each level within a limited time. If the challenge is successful within a limited time, they can get a prize. , Water barrier is a game project for fitness, leisure, and entertainment. It mainly advocates "surpassing oneself, challenging oneself, relaxing the mood, and tempering the will".
1. Convenience Simply use a small fan to inflate the flushing equipment, which is convenient and simple.
2. Mobility The open water park has relatively low requirements for the venue, and a flat and open venue is enough.
3. Composability The open water park is composed of multiple clearance modules, which can be combined according to different needs, maintaining the novelty of clearance equipment.
4. Economy Open water parks can design different products for different themes. Utilize its cultural theme, natural theme, fairy tale theme and other styles to play a role in entertaining and entertaining.


Item Name
Inflatable sea floating water park
Customized, could according your water area size made the design
0.7-0.9mm PVC,high strength and durable , first class, standard sgslen71-2-3, 
Applicable temperature: -35 ℃ to 60 ℃, function: environmental protection, recyclable, 
anti-aging, flame retardant and cold resistant.
0.6mm PVC durable for inflatable products exported standard carton for blower
3-5 years
blower, safety rules , repair kits
Digitally printing or Silk-screen printing is available
220-240V / 110-120V CE,