Space Travel Rides

Space Travel Rides

"High-altitude" is also known as space travel, which is a kind of amusement amusement machine. It is one of the large-scale amusement equipments introduced in China in recent years. The operation mode of this product is: 360° in the vertical plane, and tourists take the seat. , with a sense of overweight and weightlessness. The cradle rotates around its axis of rotation while the boom is revolving. It is a feeling that tourists have a feeling of being in space. It is characterized by the combination of irritating and entertaining, not restricted by regional conditions, and the whole equipment is integrated, convenient for transportation and maintenance, simple in operation and good in sensory.



NameSpace travel ridesSpace travel rides
Seats16 seats20 seats
Running height


Top spin ride is also called space travel,when the top spin is running, passenger could fully feel the sense of weightlessness which is like traveling in the space. Top spin amusement ride mainly consists of two support columns, six stabilizing columns, two arms, seat part, and a rotation axis; The columns and the rotation axis are made of high quality steel, and the seat part is made of FRP. Top spin are widely used in the world, it's suitable for amusement park, theme park, fairground, etc.


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