Spiral Jet Airborne Shot Rides


NameAirborne shot rides
Seats16 seats
Max load weight80kg/seat
    Customized design are available


Airborne shot ride is also known as spiral jet ride. Spiral jet airborne shot ride is the most popular rotating amusement park rides in the world at present. The tourists can experience the exciting. When night is coming, tourists will enjoy the beautiful sight at such a high height.

The characteristics of airborne shot rides:

 1) In addition to the rotating function of the flying chair, the amusement equipment can also function as a cockpit lift through the cylinder. Its dynamic appearance, equipped with LED lights, is even more dazzling in the night, and children and adults can experience the feeling of flying and enjoy the happiness.

2) The main material of aerial shooting amusement equipment is high-quality glass steel, one-time forming, never fade, beautiful, environmentally friendly, corrosion-resistant, etc. The craftsmanship is exquisite and the safety factor is high, which is the first choice for investment in amusement equipment.

3) The 16 seats on the periphery of the aerial shooting amusement equipment are started to rotate at a constant speed. When turned to a certain angle, the seat will bounce outwards. It is very irritating and interesting, and is deeply influenced by teenagers who dare to challenge themselves. 


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