Scenic Spot 42 Seats Trackless Train

Scenic Spot 42 Seats Trackless Train





Rated passanger42(2+20*2)seats
Max speed20km/h
Min. turning radius8m
Max Break distance3.5m
Endurance Mileage100km
Total weight3500kg
Dimension dataLocomotive size4300*2000*2200mm
Carriage size4150*1800*2500mm
Locomotive axle base2350mm
Carriage axle base2350mm
Min ground clearance150mm
Main systemDiesel engine/Motor power151HP 96KW Diesel engine ( Chang Chai) / 72V,200AH,15KW
Emission standardEU IV
Break system

Each carriage of the diesel trackless train is equipped with 

independent UNI air hydraulic combined double brake 

device&emergency automatic stop system. 

The capacity of the two tanks of the cylinder is 8 liters, 

and the train is operated with independent air brake.

AppearanceClosed locomotive

The front door is fully closed, the door is with window shift, 

and the door lock is imported from Italy

Main frame

High quality carbon square pipe welded frame, EU environmental 

protection ROHS certification corrosion resistant glass reinforcedplastic body

CarriageSuspension shock absorberPlate spring non-independent suspension + air hydraulic shock absorber
Door (optional)Open/semi-enclosed/fully enclosed carriage
OthersSpecial configuration1) Real-time monitoring system 

2) Seat belts and handrails for passengers 

3) A seat for security officer 

4) Interior lighting system 

5) Voice playing system for tour guides


As the leading trackless train  manufacturer, Cheery producing all kinds of trackless trains with  different sizes, color and models. Such as sightseeing train, steam train, elephant trackless train, Christmas train and ocean theme trackless train,etc.Cheery is a professional amusement park rides manufacturer in China, so we can provide you with a reasonable price and the best quality. Trackless trains, are powered by rechargeable batteries. This trackless train is popular with parks, plazas, shopping malls, scenic spots and more. It is generally configured as a three-section car with a front-end car. The car has various forms, such as a covered car and a topless coal car. Professional custom antique style, elephant style, marine style, etc. The trackless small train amusement equipment, powered by electricity, has the characteristics of environmental protection, pollution-free and good operation. It can be placed in parks, playgrounds and shopping malls, and can also be used in scenic spots.



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