360 Degree Pendulum Ride

360 Degree Pendulum Ride

Pendulum ride 360 degree, generally considered to be the most exciting type of pendulum ride, becomes one of the most popular thrill rides for amusement park.

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NameBig pendulum ridesBig pendulum ridesBig pendulum rides
Seat23 seats24 seats23 seats
Swing angle120°90°360°
                                                 Customized designs are available


As a super-stimulating amusement equipment, the large pendulum is an essential item for large and small amusement parks and theme parks. It is very popular among tourists and friends. The large pendulum adopts the transmission structure, and the maximum swing angle is adjustable, which is more suitable for swimming. The positioning of the park. During operation, the passenger not only swings with the swing arm, but also rotates with the seat turntable, which looks like a super version of the rotary swing flying in the air, not only can experience the pleasure of overweight and weightlessness, but also the fun of spinning around. To bring visitors a new thrilling and exciting experience. Experience the powerful melody of the joyful storm, challenge the psychological endurance, challenge yourself in exclamation and laughter.


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