Happy Jellyfish Rides


NameHappy jellyfish ridesHappy jellyfish rides
Seat12 seats16 seats
  Customized designs are available


Jellyfish spinning ride is very similar with samba balloon carnival ride with different theme. The appearance of jellyfish rides is on the basic of samba balloon rides with jellyfish looking. It belongs to the spinning fairground ride with high capacity. It is also very suitable for little kids to have a ride on it.

Jellyfish amusement ride is a spinning or rotating ride which can be used in amusement parks, carnival parks and some ocean theme parks. Its working principle is same as other spinning carnival rides, like carousel ride, flying chair ride, paratrooper ride and samba balloon ride. The jellyfish ride have a fixed vertical pillar as the main part, on the top of the pillar, there is equipped with a huge circle platform. And on the side of the circle platform, 8 cabinets are distributed for passengers to sit. When the happy jellyfish ride start to move, the top platform spinning in clockwise way.

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