Jumping Bounce Machine

Jumping Bounce Machine

Rotating Bounce Ride, also called Mega Bounce Ride, is a unique amusement ride as fun to watch as it is to ride. This ride is a high capacity thrilling attraction, produced and improved by the combined efforts of Zhengzhou Cheery Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd

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NameBounce machine
Seat30 seats
       Customized designs are available


The bouncing machine is an outdoor playground stimulating amusement equipment. Through the action of the cylinder, the upper and lower jumps are quickly completed. The playground equipment bouncing machine uses a computer programming program to control the design boom to rotate, undulate, rise and fall along the central axis. Large waves, small waves, and the same ups and downs, the playground equipment bouncer gives passengers a strong and exciting bounce experience.

The bouncing machine is a new product with beautiful appearance and colorful color developed on the basis of the self-controlled aircraft. By controlling the cylinder action through the program, the cabin quickly rises and falls. At the same time, the cockpit rotates alternately in the positive and negative directions. Tourists ride on it, and they are thrilled and enjoyable.


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